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Best Retirement Gifts For Women Coworker

If you are shopping for and wondering what is a good retirement gift for a woman friend, teacher, nurse, or coworker, then one of our top 10 best selling retirement gifts listed below should fit the bill. Best of all, they ship free via USPS Priority Mail w/tracking within one day! Our gifts for retirees will be a hit at the party for the retiring one.  Best of all, it will ship free the next business day making it the perfect choice if you’re in a rush and need it quickly.  Be the envy of the office when you present your retiring friend with her quote present that says it all.  So if you’re looking for retirement gift ideas for teachers, nurses, co-workers or even mom, we offer something for everyone.   There are even a few funny ideas that will make cool gag gifts.  Here are several  great options for you to choose from:

Retired and No Longer My Problem Retiree Gift Pillow 

No Longer My Problem Retiree Gift

No more reports or special projects due and the boss can no longer make you prepare them!  You’re retired and you no longer have to deal with it.   Gladly plop you’re unfinished paperwork on the supervisor’s desk and tell him it’s no longer your problem.  Then turn around and laugh as you walk out the door!  This is one of the most perfect retirement gifts for women available online.

 Pillow Retired and Sleeping In Gift

Retired and Sleeping In Pillow Gift

Gone are the days of getting up at the crack of dawn and downing a liter of coffee just to get your body moving.  Forget about rushing out the door trying to get to work on time only to find yourself sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the freeway.  I don’t even need to mention the parking lot nightmare of too many cars for too few spaces.  Well, it’s time to bash that alarm clock and pull the covers over your head.  This woman is a retiree now and sleeping in!

 Retiring Teacher Gift Leaving Every Child Behind Pillow

Leaving Every Child Behind Teacher Retirement Gifts

You’ve endured staff meetings, grading homework, parent conferences, school cafeteria duty, unruly children and more.   Overworked and underpaid, it’s time for you to make that change!  Forget about having summers off, it’s time to have the whole year off!  After all, you have definitely paid your dues.  It’s time to travel and see the world or pick up that hobby you’ve itching to try.  Look no further for funny teacher retirement gifts.  We’re sure that the teacher on your list will appreciate receiving a gift that captures their sentiments so accurately!

 Music Teacher Gift Retirement Is Music To My Ears Pillow

Retirement Is Music To My Ears Music Teacher Gift

Never having to lay out clothes for work or prepare lunch the night before is a dream come true.  Just the thought of relaxing around the house in lounge clothes while sipping on a cup of herbal tea with nothing to do and nowhere to go seems almost unachievable.  But, alas, you made it to the end of the rat race called work.  Now you can do as you please for the rest of your life.  Retiring is sweet music to my ears!

 Retirement Kissing This Crap Goodbye Coworker Gift Pillow

Kissing This Crap Goodbye Coworker Retirement Gift

There’s always something to deal with at work that just shouldn’t be.  From the brown-nosing coworker to the know-it-all who thinks they’re the boss, you’re just tired of it all.  Let’s not forget that employee who steals your ideas and submits them as their own.  Then there are the dreaded work cafeteria “specials” created by some top chef wannabe.  You’ve had enough.  After crunching a few numbers on the calculator you realize your projected retirement income is enough to live on.  Then I guess it’s time to kiss this crap goodbye!

 Gift For Retirement Retired and Loving It Gift Pillow

Retired and Loving It Gift For Retirement

Now it’s time to enjoy the retired life.  Just a long, laid-back vacation from here on out.  Traveling all over the world plus coming and going as you please without having to report to a job or boss is the icing on the cake.  You’ve been waiting for this moment your whole life and now it’s here.  It’s official, you’re living the retirement life and loving it!

 Funny No More Drama Retirement Gifts for Women

No More Drama Funny Retirement Gifts for Women

Oh, the drama at the office just never stops.  Just when you think you’ve heard it all, that coworker in the cubicle next to you takes gossip to the next level.  You are simply amazed that any work gets done at all with all of the constant chaos going on.   You can’t take listening to your team leader whine about her boyfriend woes another day.  The workplace has turned into a reality soap opera!  Well, here is the perfect solution: RETIRE!

 Gift Retired and Finally Happy on Mondays Pillow

Retired and Finally Happy On Mondays Pillow Gift

You can’t even enjoy the weekend because you know Monday is coming.  It’s the dark cloud that hovers over you from 5 o’clock Friday evening until bedtime Sunday night.  How can you be happy when you know the first day of the work week is waiting for you in the distance?  Fortunately, that is about to change.  No more blue Mondays for the newly retired woman!

 Retiree Somebody Else's Headache Now Retiree Present

Somebody Else’s Headache Now Retiree Present

You know the scenario well.  It’s time for the office staff meeting and it’s your job to provide the printouts for the upcoming project.  Like clockwork, the printer dies.  You check for paper jams, reset it, turn it off and on but nothing works.  You show up to the meeting and you are made out to look unprepared and unprofessional for not having the printouts available.  Everyone in the office has had issues with that printer but now conveniently seem to have selective amnesia and suggest that you should have planned better.  It’s a good thing you don’t have to deal with this type of foolishness any longer.  Once you retire, it becomes somebody else’s headache!

 Retirement Gag Gifts On Work Release Pillow for Women

On Work Release Retirement Gag Gifts For A Woman

They tell you when to come in and when you can leave, when it’s time for you to eat lunch and when you can take a break.  Work can definitely seem like a jail sentence.  Yearly reviews mimic parole hearings.  You pretty much have to ask permission to do anything and it feels as if they run your life.  Consider retirement as your work release program.  You did your time and now you’ve been set free!


How We Make Our Quality Gift for Retirement

All of our retirement gifts are made in-house making it easy to monitor and check for quality control.  Each gift pillow is conveniently packaged in a fitted plastic sleeve making it ready for gift giving. 

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