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Colorful Ewe Kente Cloth Print Shower Curtain

Colorful Ewe Kente Cloth Print Shower Curtain

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This fabric design is inspired by Kente cloth, a textile from Ghana that is loom woven into narrow strips around 4 inches long. The strips are then sewn together to make a large wrap garment. The Ashante and Ewe weavers were well known for their elaborate Kente designs.


100% Polyester - This extremely strong and durable synthetic fabric retains its shape and dries quickly.

Buttonholes - 12 buttonholes at the top for hook placement

Size - 71" width x 74" height


Wash the item only cold machine wash with similar colors garments using a gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low settings or hang dry. Do not bleach or dry clean.


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