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African Wallpaper Clay Brick Kuba Raffia Cloth - Peel and Stick

African Wallpaper Clay Brick Kuba Raffia Cloth - Peel and Stick

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This design is inspired by textile made by the Kuba people who reside in the Congo in Central Africa. It is created from the leaves of the raffia tree and handwoven to make Kuba cloth.

About Our Wallpaper

  • Be sure to order enough wallpaper to complete your project. This will ensure that all of your wallpaper will be printed from the same dye lot and calibration. There are slight color variations between dye lots and daily instrument calibrations, making it nearly impossible to create an exact color match to any previous order.
  • We offer both pasted, unpasted, and peel and stick wallpaper. Our peel and stick wallpaper is printed to include a 0.4 inch overlap. Installing with the slight overlap prevents seam separations that expose the wall underneath. You will be able to easily overlap and match the design without having to measure. Our pasted and unpasted wallpaper does not include an overlap and is installed with seams butt together side by side.
  • Our prints can be used not only as wallpaper, but on back panel of open shelving units, covering on cabinets or accent furniture, and other creative home decor or craft projects.
  • We strongly encourage you to order a sample in order to verify that the colors work with your decor. Also, for our peel-and-stick option, ordering a sample will allow you to test the adhesive strength when applied to your wall surface. Please note that the sample you receive may be printed from a different dye lot than the one that will be used on any future orders. However, any potential color differences will be slight or barely noticeable.

Please download our guide to installing wallpaper: HOW TO INSTALL WALLPAPER


The finished width of our peel and stick wallpaper is 24 inches excluding the overlap. Our pasted and unpasted wallpaper has a finished width of 24.4 inches. You have a choice of various length options. Each panel/roll is custom printed according to your selected length and material.  The length of the pattern repeat is 17.2 inches.


Our peel and stick wallpaper panels are 24” wide. We suggest you use 24" width to also calculate the pasted and unpasted wallpaper for easier calculations. Begin by measuring the height and width of your wall. The height will tell you the length of panel/roll to order. To calculate the number of panels needed, divide your total width by 24. For example, if your wall is 110” wide, you will need to order 5 panels, because 110 divided by 24 is 4.6 and you must always round up your final number. Calculate the roll length by measuring wall from top to bottom. Select the panel/roll length based on your measurements, making sure that the roll length you select is longer than your actual wall measurement.


Your order will be shipped within 4-7 business days. Once shipped, allow an additional 2-4 days for delivery via FedEx. Tracking information will be provided and SIGNATURE WILL BE REQUIRED UPON DELIVERY.


Our ordering process is fully automated. Once you submit your order, it is placed on hold for 4 hours and then automatically transferred to the production queue. Once an order enters into production, we are unable to retrieve it. For this reason, we are only able to accept cancellations for wallpaper orders within 4 hours of order placement.

All of our wallpaper is printed to order in the quantity and panel/roll length you select using the same dye color lot. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the custom nature of our wallpaper, no returns or exchanges are accepted. Please Contact Us right away if your order arrives damaged so that we can make it right.

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