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Sankofa Collection

The Meaning of Sankofa

Sankofa is an Adinkra symbol originating from the Akan tribe during the reign of King Adinkera in West Africa's Ghana region. The meaning of the symbol is clear and simple: Go back and get it. We must go back to the past and only bring the things that will benefit us in the present and future. We must recognize that some things from the past that were brought with us should have been left behind. As we move forward, we now have an opportunity to walk away from the destructive and socially divisive practices that haunt our history.

The Sankofa Collection (Coming Late Summer, 2020)

Designer Vegan Leather Handbags, Totes, and Pouches

Each item of our collection is printed in some way with the Sankofa symbol. When you open your pouch or tote and see the Sankofa lining tucked away inside, let it be a reminder that many acts of racism are subtle and not easily seen or detected. When you see the Sankofa symbol printed on the outside of your shoulder bag in full view, reflect on the fact that acts of violence against people of color have always been acceptable in this nation. The lives of blacks are viewed as being so invaluable that perpetrators do not mind being filmed when they kill, even with many witnesses looking on in horror. Why? Because they know a corrupt internal investigation will most likely exonerate them. For almost 9 minutes, George Floyd was pinned to the ground, helplessly waiting for death to take over. Just imagine living your entire life knowing that at any moment you could be the next victim. If this was your reality, wouldn't your blood pressure be constantly elevated?

 A Black Woman's Perspective 

One thing I know for sure is that this time, something feels different. The sudden explosion of attention on the issue of racism and the outpouring of concern is not what I expected. We are in great need of your help to continue to offer what may be uncomfortable, but what is necessary in order to initiate real change. There’s no doubt that you have seen several businesses, retail establishments, and local government officials announce the discontinuation of practices that are blatantly racist. I encourage you to make a mental list of each racist policy that is being abandoned during this time. For example, you may not have been aware that Walmart and CVS kept ethnic hair products under lock and key. It’s humiliating to have to ask a store employee to unlock the case so that you can purchase the products that you need when you see non-blacks able to remove their selected hair care products with no barrier present. If you have never looked for black hair care products, you may not have realized that this was happening. We need more eyes to actually look for racist practices. We need more ears to listen to our endless stories of racist incidents and more minds to understand the stress of having to live our entire lives being on constant alert. But most of all, we need more mouths to speak up and demand change. We are not being heard. Maybe they will listen to you.

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